Greetings! My name is RishRaff. Currently, I run two other blogs with some friends called RishRaff Reviews and a spin-off blog called Anime ApplianceSo what is the purpose for another blog? Well, this blog is dedicated to all things Key!

Anime produced by Key are famous for having a lot of emotional weight to them. I am a huge fan of these anime and have several collectibles and even some of the visual novels. As such, I wanted to create a blog where I feature my love of Key.

Most of the blog posts will either be reviews of the anime, discussions of my experience with the visual novels, or showing off merchandise. I will also explore some of the deeper themes of the anime and discuss influences on the anime, similar to my Christianity v. Anime posts on RishRaff Reviews.

Some of the Key anime I have seen include:

  1. Angel Beats
  2. Planetarian
  3. Clannad and its sequel Clannad After Story
  4. Charlotte
  5. Kanon

I will be watching others as time goes on. I hope you will join me in this adventure!



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