Greetings! I just wanted to make a quick post to alert you all to the Steam Summer Sale going on right now. While there are a lot of great games you could get, I wanted to talk briefly about the Key games available. You can find the Key games and purchase them from Steam HERE. The sale is until July 5th, so get on it!


The three games Steam has available are Clannad, Planetarian, and Harmonia. I have not personally played Clannad, but it is generally highly regarded and is a classic Key visual novel. It features the branching story line and mostly revolves around courting several female characters, as one would expect from the typically dating sim/visual novel style game.

Planetarian and Harmonia on the other hand are what are called kinetic novels. They are still visual novels, but do not feature the branching story line, and thus basically just involve the player reading the text as it scrolls by. Planetarian I have already played, and very highly recommend it. From the sale itself, I picked up what is Key’s latest project: Harmonia. I do not know a whole lot about it, other than it involves androids (?), but am eager to start playing. So be expecting a post in the future on Harmonia.

Steam also has various additional DLC you can get for all of these games, so definitely check those out too. Do you guys plan to get any of these? Which ones have you played already? Be sure to comment below. Thank you for reading, and have some fun playing some Key games!



2 thoughts on “Steam Sale! Including Key Stuff

  1. I have yet to play one of the side stories of Clannad, after experiencing the anime, so I really need to get on that this summer :P. Planetarian and Harmonia look pretty interesting so I might give them a try. Thanks for the recommendations!

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